India gained 10 percent growth in tourists visitors

foreign visitorsNew Delhi: Foreign Tourists Arrivals (FTAs) throughout the period of January - March 2016 were 25.08 lakhs with a increase of 10.0% as compared to the FTAs of 22.81 lakh with a growth of 3.5% in previous years.FTAs during the Month of March 2016 were 8.17 lakh as compared to FTAs of 7.29 lakh during the month of March 2015 and 6.90 lakh in March 2014. Has shown an increase of 12.1% in March 2016 with previous year. 

Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs) throughout the month of March 2016 were Rs. 13,115 crore as compared to Rs. 11,133 crore in the same month previous year 
Bangladesh stood first in the list of percentage portion of foreign tourists arrivals in India in the month of January amongst  the top 15 cause countries with 14.07 percent part next by UK (13.16 percent), USA (11.84 percent), Germany (3.74 percent), Canada (3.57 percent), Sri Lanka (3.48 percent), Malaysia (3.45 percent), Russian Federation (3.19 percent), China (2.92 percent), France (2.92 percent), Australia (2.83 percent), Japan (2.43 percent), Nepal (1.72 percent), Singapore (1.67 percent) and Thailand (1.60 percent).
A big portion of this expansion in foreign visitors can be credited to the development of online visa services that has now been expanded across 100 countries by Central government.

Posted On : 21 April,2016