Longer stay for visa free tourists in vietnam

Longer Stay for Visa-free Tourists in Vietnam
Vietnam overseas tourists who are exempted already from requirements of visa will be allowed for a longer stay in the country than before.

The federal government of Vietnam has advised the relevant agencies and police to cooperate along with tourism ministry to allow the visa-exempted tourists to stay in the country for a period of 30 days rather than 15 days.

As a part of their efforts this move, is to waive requirements of tourist visa for those countries with "high tourism potential" or that have Vietnam's partnership.

The visa-exempt tourists before change were permitted to stay for 15 days on their every visit and had to wait at least for 30 days prior to their upcoming entry.

Presently, tourists from South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Japan are the eligible countries for the visa waiver policy of Vietnam.

The exact date for implementation of changes has not yet declared. 

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Posted On : 21 May,2015