Indians to enjoy visa relaxation of the philippines

Indians to Enjoy Visa Relaxation of the Philippines
Good news for all Indians travelling to the Philippines. According to the new reports of the nation, Indian citizens who hold the valid visa of Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, the US and UK (AJACSSUK) and moving to their dream destination Philippines can now arrive from any of the secondary international hubs, sea ports such as board cruise ships / vessels or major international airports. 

Prospective applicants from India with a valid visa of AJACSSUK can now enter their dream province, Philippine without holding a visa for up to 14 days. Previously this new plan was applicable only to Indian citizens arriving at the well-known international airports of Ninoy Aquino or Clark.

One of the renowned representatives of the Tourism Marketing Office of Philippines - India noted in a statement that India is one of the major sources for the Philippines global market and has occupied the position of 13 in accounting number of Indian travelers. 

Concerned sources of nation anticipate India to be as a largest source market by the year end of 2016, aiming 100,000 new arrivals with the relaxation of visas and by promoting few tourism activities. The Tourism Department of Philippines accounted an increase of 17.14% arrivals from India in 2014. Earlier over 61,000 Indian citizens visited the nation and now they are expecting a steady rise in the arrivals count to 75,000 by the year-end of 2015. 

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Posted On : 14 May,2015