Georgia to fortify tourism ties with india

Georgia to Fortify Tourism ties with India
Georgia is eager to fortify tourism tie with India to enhance tourist traffic between both the nations. Recently, the connectivity between Tbilisi and India, the Georgian capital, via the Middle East, have enhanced significantly.

Addressing at the event, recently organized by TAFI (Travel Agents Federation of India) Northern Chapter in Delhi, Georgian Ambassador to India, Levan Nizharadze, said that a designation of high-level tourism authority representatives from Georgia will quickly visit India to cooperate with the travel trade, explore methods to encourage tourism, and counterfeit long-term ties.

Nizharadze said that, Georgia a top-notch tourist destination and the country is an embrace of culture, folklore, and art. And according to the UNWTO, Tourism Barometer 2014, the country has attained the top position in tourism growth. 

He said that though Georgia is small, it is a striking nation on the Southern Caucasus. The individuals at Georgia are warm and welcoming, the country is well-known for mouth-watering food, and the climate is very gentle and sub-tropical. 

The changes in the political and economic makeup will help the nation to be democratic. Georgia offers ample opportunities for business investments, Nizharadze said.

The country’s tourism infrastructure has been robust since the Soviet period, the diplomat said, adding that the Georgia government is dedicated to improve the same.

Georgia launched the e-visa regime for travelers a few months ago. The short-stay visa is for a period of 30 days can be obtained through online.

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Posted On : 15 April,2015