Sweden passport holders can visit 174 nations without a visa

Sweden Passport Holders Can Visit
Good news for people holding Sweden passport. According to a global ranking, Swedish passport holders will be able to visit 174 nations throughout the world without the need of obtaining a visa.

Sweden holds a position in the top group along with the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Finland. Following passports would be of Canada and Denmark, which paves the path for visa-free travel to 173 nations.

The citizens of Sweden feel more convenient to travel, when the survey stated that they could visit 173 nations without the need of a visa. On the other hand, nationals of Afghanistan will be able to visit 28 nations without a visa, Iraq nationals can visit 31 nations without the visa, nationals of Somalia and Pakistan can visit 32 nations and Palestinian Territory can visit 35 nations without visa. 

The recent World Openness Report from the UN World Tourism Organization stated that 62 percent of the world's population needs a visa prior they get on the plane, train, boat or automobile in 2014. 

Posted On : 08 April,2015