Simplified visa regime for the nationals of russia to enter mongolia

Simplified Visa Regime For The Nationals of Russia to Enter Mongolia
The agreement on relaxing the visa rules for Russia and Mongolia are put into action from Friday. The Russian embassy counselor Vladimir Goryachev said TASS that the nationals of Mongolia and Russia will be able to enter each other countries without any visa requirement for up to 30 days.

The counselor of Russian embassy said the duration of stay should not exceed more than 90 days in six months.

Vladimir added that people who want to stay more than 30 days or to study or work should apply for the respective visas.

He said that there was no conversation of cancelling the visa regime, but changing the visa norms a bit will definitely benefit the citizens who intend to maintain economic, business and cultural relations.

This agreement was signed in the presence of both the presidents of Russia and Mongolia on September 3.

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Posted On : 14 November,2014