Kro Inns Royal Staging Posts of Denmark

Danish Kro inns and royal staging posts are dated long back in history to 13th century and these have been converted to stylish and luxurious lodges.

Hidden among the heartlands of West Jutland, the boutique-style inns have recently been renovated as per modern architecture to appeal to young urbanites. These are a better choice of accommodation than hotels if you're planning to explore the Danish countryside and its cuisine independently.

Foreigners can travel to Denmark with a Schengen Visit Visa and explore the country for 90 days.

Documents required are:

  • Passport with at least 3 months validity from the date of arrival back in India
  • Photographs
  • Travel & health insurance
  • Financial statement

Know more about the urban and country side culture and part of the Scandinavian country. Call now on 1800 103 1555 or mail at

Posted On : 25 February,2013