Country Profile - Switzerland

Name: Swiss Confederation

Location: Western Europe

Time: IST (-) 4 1/2 hrs

Capital: Berne

Language: German, French, Italian, Raeto-Romansch and English

Area: 41,285 sq kms

Population: 7,639,961 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 01 Aug (Foundation Day)

Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF).

Climate: The Alps cause many climatic variations throughout Switzerland. In the higher Alpine regions temperatures tend to be low, while the lower land of the northern area has higher temperatures and warm summers.

Holidays: 1 Jan New Year's Day. 2 Jan Berchtold's Day. 1 Aug National Day. 25 Dec Christmas Day. 26 Dec Boxing Day.

Airline Name: Swissair (SR)

International Airports: Kloten (Zurich) (ZRH),(Geneva) (GVA), Belp (Bern) (BRN), Basel-Mulhouse (Basel) (BSL)