Country Profile - New%20Zealand

Name: New Zealand

Location: South Pacific

Time: IST (+) 6 1/2 hrs

Capital: Wellington

Language: English (official) 91.2%, Maori (official) 3.9%, Samoan 2.1%, French 1.3%, Hindi 1.1%, Yue 1.1%, Northern Chinese 1%, other 12.9%, New Zealand Sign Language (official).

Area: 266,171 sq kms

Population: 4,290,347 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 06 Feb (Waitangi Day)

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Climate: Subtropical in the North and temperate in the South. The North has no extremes of heat or cold but winter can be quite cool in the South, with snow in the mountains. The eastern areas often experience drought conditions in summer; the West, particularly in the South Island, has more rain.

Holidays: 1 Jan - 2 Jan New Year. 4 Jun Queen's Birthday. 22 Oct Labour Day. 25 Dec Christmas Day. 26 Dec Boxing Day.

Airline Name: Air New Zealand (NZ)

International Airports: Mangere (Auckland) (AKL), Christchurch (CHC), Rongotai (Wellington) (WLG)