Country Profile - Kuwait

Name: State of Kuwait

Location: Middle East

Time: IST (-) 2 1/2 hrs

Capital: Kuwait City

Language: Arabic (official), English widely spoken

Area: 17,818 sq kms

Population: 2,595,628 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 25 Feb

Currency: Kuwait Dinar (KWD).

Climate: Kuwait shares European weather patterns but is hotter and drier. Summers (April to October) are hot and humid with very little rain. Winters (November to March) are cool with limited rain. Springs are cool and pleasant.

Holidays: 1 Jan New Year's Day. 25 Feb National Day. 26 Feb Liberation Day.  15 Nov Islamic New Year.

Airline Name: Kuwait Airways (KU)

International Airports: Kuwait (KWI)