Country Profile - Japan

Name: Japan (Nippon)

Location: Far East

Time: IST (+) 3 1/2 hrs

Capital: Tokyo

Language: Japanese and English

Area: 377,829 sq kms

Population: 126,475,664 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 23 Dec (Birthday of the Emperor)

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY).

Climate: The weather is mostly temperate, with four seasons. Winters are cool and sunny in the south, cold and sunny around Tokyo (which occasionally has snow), and very cold around Hokkaido, which is covered in snow for up to four months a year. Summer, between June and September, ranges from warm to very hot, while spring and autumn are generally mild throughout the country. 

Holidays: 1 Jan New Year's Day. 11 Feb National Foundation Day. 20 Mar Vernal Equinox. 3 May Constitution Memorial Day. 4 May Greenery Day. 5 May Children's Day. 16 Jul Marine Day. 20 Sep Respect for the Aged Day. 8 Oct Sports Day. 23 Dec Birthday of the Emperor.

Airline Name: Japan Air Lines (JL)

International Airports: New Tokyo (Narita City) (TYO), Osaka (Itami), Fukuoka (FUK), Nagoya (NGO), Kansai (KIX)