Country Profile - Italy

Name: Italian Republic

Location: Western Europe

Time: IST (-) 4 1/2 hrs

Capital: Rome

Language: Italian (Official), German (parts of Trentino-Alto Adige region are predominantly German speaking), French (small French-speaking minority in Valle d'Aosta region), Slovene (Slovene-speaking minority in the Trieste-Gorizia area)

Area: 301,323 sq kms

Population: 61,016,804 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 02 Jun

Currency: Euro (EUR).

Climate: Summer is hot, especially in the south. Spring and autumn are mild with fine, sunny weather. Winter in the south is much drier and warmer than in northern and central areas. Mountain regions are colder with heavy winter snowfalls.

Holidays: 1 Jan New Year's Day. 25 Apr Liberation Day. 1 May Labour Day. 2 Jun Anniversary of the Republic. 15 Aug Assumption. 25 Dec Christmas Day. 26 Dec St Stephen's Day.

Airline Name: Alitalia (AZ)

International Airports: Leonardo da Vinci(FCO) (Rome), Ciampino (CIA) (Rome), Borgopanigale (BLQ) (Bologna), Fontanarossa (Catania), Cristoforo Colombo (Genoa), Linate (LIN) , Milan, Malpensa (Milan), Capodichino (Naples), Galileo Galilei (PSA) (Pisa), Punta Raisi (PMO) (Palermo), Caselle (Turin), Marco Polo (Venice) (VCE)