More Indian tourists go on safari

Some 80,000 Indian tourists visited South Africa in 2012, an increase of 18.3% over the previous year, and the trend is the result of road shows being conducted in India by South Africa Tourism.

Hanneli Slabber, country manager of SAT, said at the conclusion of the latest road show in India: “Over the years we have witnessed a continuous increase in Indian tourist arrivals, making India one of the key markets for us.”

South Africa has much to offer by way of tourism, not only safari tourism for which this country is famous as also food, wine and sun-soaked beaches. At the other end are the precious metals not forgetting diamonds mined in this country, which can be purchased during the trip. In fact, South Africa is inviting the private sector to lift up its development plans.

The road shows are organized each year to showcase business and tourist opportunities in South Africa and highlight this country as tourist destination. The latest, 10th in the year, went round Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore before concluding in Delhi.

Among other things, South Africa is offering medical tourism, continuing with the tradition of the famous heart transplant specialist Dr Christian Barnard and also spiritual tourism for meditation in idyllic surroundings.

Posted On : 02 February,2013