Indian Tourists find Australia the Safest Place

Recent survey found that Indian travelers ranked Australia number one on safety, friendly and open citizens, and world class natural beauty, food and wine experiences.

“Australia is known in many countries for its lifestyle, natural beauty and environment. This study shows that Indian travellers share many of these perceptions but also find Australia to be a safe destination with friendly people,”

“In 2011, 148,200 people visited Australia from India and in the 10 months to October 2012, there was a 14 per cent increase in leisure arrivals to Australia from India. Indian visitor numbers are expected to double by 2020,”

Some of the amazing findings from the research on Indian tourists are:

  • Australia ranked No. 1 on safety, world-class natural beauty, friendly and open citizens
  • Australia ranked No.1 on Food and Wine
  • Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, Melbourne and Kangaroo Island are the most favourite tourism spots

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Posted On : 03 July,2013