Shopping Traditional Goods in Local Dubai

The famous Dubai Shopping Festival is currently on, and people are flocking from all over to make deals on branded and other gods. This is nothing unusual and yearly phenomenon.  In fact, Dubai’s riches are party attributed to its `duty-free’ status.

What outsiders do not know is perennial Dubai shopping that goes on round the year in Deira souks, which are cognate with flea markets. Daily shopping is the theme of these markets.

Deira souks are in fact as busy as DBS, where heavy haggling over prices goes on and is entertained. What you get out of the deals are fresh spices just unloaded by Arab dhows. Bargains are struck even 75% less than the states prices.

Deira souks, not far from the picturesque Dubai creek, trade in traditional goods such as garments, handicrafts and perfumes, for which the Gulf is famous.

Posted On : 01 February,2013