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Ever wondered why shopping is so famous in Dubai? The designer status of the goods sold apart from the discounts that are making Dubai shopping what it is. Dubai Ranches on the city outskirts is an exclusive women’s preserve where everything from baby wear to women’s fashions, cupcakes, furniture, jewelry and health and image consultations are designed.

The Ranches reminds one of cowboys but in Dubai they stand for styles and fashions.  More than half the units in the Ranches are enterprises run by women. Their husbands are well settled and this gives them enough capital to come out with whatever they are good at.

Take, for instance, Laila Lambert, 33, of Britain, who runs a new-age online boutique, selling gemstones, crystals with healing properties. She has been attending craft fairs with her products since coming with her family to the Emirate 13 years ago. She suddenly thought of the boutique idea. Now, the boutique has become a household name for gifts. 

Indian Ambeera Kumar, 34, runs Fashionista in the Ranches. It’s a women’s wear label featuring traditional and handmade chicankari embroidery. She runs the business more out of passion than for entrepreneurial skills. That is why it is more satisfying, she says.  She launched the business last year and has not looked back.

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Posted On : 21 January,2013