Schonbrunn remains top as a visitor attraction

The Imperial summer Palace the Schloss Schönbrunn is more popular with tourists and ever before.

In the previous year it notched up 2.8 million visitors which is an increase of six percent on 2011.

That means that once again there is a new visitor record for the Palace which every year seems to notch up more visitors than the year before.

The managers said that the constant increase in the number of visitors was a reflection of the fact that they were constantly putting in new attractions including the new visitor centre or the newly restored main gallery that allowed them to continue to attract ever more visitors.

The Hofburg-Museum and the Imperial furniture depot also saw increases along with the Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum.

That led to a total turnover of 37.4 million euros of which 24 million was from entrance fees. That is also increase of five percent. It also means that 2012 was effectively an economically successful year.

In order to keep the attractiveness of the venue managers invested 13 million euros last year on restoration projects and new attractions.

This year in 2013 other investments planned including the restoration of the Palm house which will continue to attract visitors during the work as well as continuing to renovate rooms at the palace.


Posted On : 17 January,2013