Malaysian tourism to India to spike with new visa ruling

Indian tourist visa applications are expected to increase by 20% next year following the lifting of a rule imposing a two-month gap between visits on Malaysian tourists.

Malaysian Indian Tour and Travel president K. Thangavelu said the number of tourist visas issued had risen by about 10% each year since 2009, despite the restriction.

“So far this year, about 160,000 Indian tourist visas have been issued, which accounted for 90% of the total Indian visas issued.

“With the regulations lifted, we expect an increase of between 15% and 20% of tourist visa applications.”

The restriction, which was relaxed three days ago, had been enforced in November 2009 following the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

India’s Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia Aseem R. Mahajan had said other tourist visa application procedures would remain.

He added that travel to India for business purposes, which had faced no restriction on a gap between two visits, would also remain.

“Even with the restriction, many still chose to travel as cheap flight tickets and accommodation made international tourism more accessible,” he said.

MIC secretary-general Datuk S. Murugesan called the move timely, saying it would greatly benefit locals who had relatives in India.

“During the restriction, some who had gone to India on holiday could not go back for urgent family matters which came up within 60 days,” he added.


Posted On : 15 December,2012