Japan and russia tries to boost mutual tourism

Russia and Japan are aiming at an increased volume of tourists and are working on a plan to enhance reciprocal tourist flow mutually by 2019 to 2,50,000. Oleg Safonov, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Russia said that both parties will sign the documents, to this effect when the Annual International Tourism Exhibition starts in Tokyo.

Japan and Russia Mutual Tourism

A memorandum will be signed when Week of Food-Tourism is held in Japan, and there are Weeks of Wine Tourism held in Russia. Developing gastronomic tourism is an interesting development and a protocol will be in place for amending the joint action program. Efforts will be taken for increasing tourist flow between, Russia and Japan and a benchmark to achieve a traffic level of 2,20,000 in 2018, and 2,50,000 in 2019 between these two countries, he added.

As per Safonov, dynamics of better tourist flow keep increasing with years, and nations need to increase their key indicators in a big way. The previous programs had a low threshold. The head of Federal Agency for Tourism, Russia was happy that his nation was a leader in dynamics for 2017, and Russian tourists, to Japan registered an increase of 40 %. Japanese nationals visiting, Russia, registered an increase of 18 %.

He also attributed that a major reason for better tourist flow between these countries was a simplification of visa-procedure on both sides, which happened in early 2017. He hopes that indicators may change for the remaining quarter, before year-end. He believed that September to December Quarter would show promising indicators.

Various estimates reveal that in the recent years, Japan had 70,000 Russian visitors; and an equal number of Japanese visited Russia.

Posted On : 22 September,2017