The philippines taking steps to consider visa on arrival for indians

The Tourism Department is planning the expansion of its Visa-upon-Arrival policy, meant for Indian nationals, in order to bring an increase the tourists arriving in the country.

It's Undersecretary R Canizal that they are projecting that around 100,000 tourists will visit the Philippines from India during the current year. There are measures to expand the visa upon arrival, a dynamic visa policy entry initiative, to other markets, like India. Canizal spoke at a press conference held at Department of Tourism office at Makati City.

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India has a big population standing close to that of China. This measure succeeds the announcement by Immigration Bureau which spoke to issue landing-visas based on Department Circular 41 issued by Secretary of Justice V Aguirre while giving visa upon arrival to Chinese citizens.

A landing visa facilitates receiving the visa papers by the traveler to at the airport he/she is arriving. The new program is meant for Chinese citizens who belong to a tour group which has the permission of Department of Tourism and the tour operators, have the necessary accreditation. The businessmen need an endorsement of foreign and local chambers of commerce and relevant government agencies. Besides, athletes and convention delegates and invitees to exhibitions are also eligible for it.

Secretary, Department Of Tourism, W Teo spoke this measure of Visa-upon-Arrival will ease travel restrictions faced by tourists from China in the country. Through this Program, the DOT accredited travel agencies will be able to collect information like the passport number, the name of the tourist, itinerary, and other details for processing the online application to be sent to the Immigration office. The individual would be issued a visa Upon arrival.

The Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary Department Of Tourism F Alegre said that the department has taken steps to provide training courses in Mandarin language so that the tourist guides provide the required assistance to the Chinese. The program will soon see its implementation at the Ninoy Aquino Airport as also in eight international airports located in Mactan, Clark, and Kalibo besides the ports at Manila, Subic, Puerto Princesa, Caticlan, and Laoag. 

The rules mention that the Chinese with the assistance of tour operators, can apply for their visas at the Immigration Bureau for making an official stay extending to 30 days, and then reapply for an extension of 6 months.

The Department Of Tourism expects that one million nationals from China will arrive as tourists by year end. President Duterte's had conducted a state visit covering China during October 2016 and this visit removed the travel restriction by Beijing which were applied to the Philippines, arrivals from China increased in 2016, by 37.6% to 675,663 from 490,841 during the previous year. The increase in Chinese tourist arrivals was 33.4% also seen in first half covering 2017 and 454,962 tourists arrived vis a vis 340,958 in 2016. The Department is hopeful that seven million foreign tourists would arrive by December 2017.


Posted On : 28 August,2017