Indians to get visa on arrival in south korea very soon

Indians to get Visa on Arrival in South Korea
In a bid to allure more travelers from India, the South Korea is contemplating to grant visa on arrival (VoA) for Indian travelers after its citizens were extended accelerated electronic travel authorize by New Delhi prior this year. Among the e-visa recipients to India, South Koreans rank fifth position. 

Joon-gyu Lee, South Korea's Ambassador to India, said that Seoul was witnessing the plan for Indians akin to that India extends to their citizens and while doing so the South Korean government is doing their best to boost visa granting process more swifter and easier.  

The government of extends ETA (electronic travel authorization) proposal to 76 nations. Official data demonstrate that in January, influx of travelers from the Republic of Korea accounts 18.26% of the total arrivals under the ETA facility.

Following Russia, US, Australia and Ukraine, South Koreans were the second major group travelling to India. 

Indian embassy in Seoul, demonstrate that over 100,000 Koreans travelled India in the previous years, mainly to visit the Taj Mahal, Jaipur and other Buddhist sites.

As visa-on-arrival has facilitated travelling for South Korean citizens, similarly this scheme would be helpful for Indians and create an impact in the influx of travelers to Korea.  

Recently, there has been a 20% rise in Indian travelers to South Korea. According to the official statistics, 147,736 Indians went to the East Asian nation in the previous year, up from 123,235 travelers earlier that year.

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Posted On : 03 June,2015