Bahrain updates visa policy for tourists and business travelers

Bahrain updates Visa policy
In a major decision to benefit overseas travelers and business visitors, the Bahrain has updated its visa policy. 

After the announcement of the new visa policy on September 2014, the Bahrain government has promulgated a second phase updates that enables tourists and business travelers to spend longer periods in the nation. And additionally, enhances ease of entry for visa holders and GCC residents. 

During October in the previous year, a new visa policy was executed, which enabled citizens from over 100 nations to get a visa either through online prior to their travel or on arrival. According to the statistics between October 2014 and February 2015, more than 1,400 travelers from 32 new nations eligible for VoA (visa on arrival) and over 2,300 travelers from the 36 new nations eligible for eVisas gained from latest policies. 

Under the new amendments, effective 1 April 2015, both tourists and business travelers will be able to expend longer period in the Kingdom, as the latest plans states that business visas would be valid for a period of one month and are multi-entry, whereas visitor visas are valid for a period of three months and are also multi-entry.

Any overseas nationals or GCC residents will be eligible to get multi-entry visas on their arrival or online making, it simpler for expatriates to visit and reside in the Bahrain. Additionally, citizens from nations that are not subsumed in the nations eligible for eVisas or visas on arrival can apply for eVisas if they hold a visit visa for any other GCC nation.

The Chief Executive of Bahrain EDB (Economic Development Board), Mr. Khalid Al Rumaihi, said that the new visa policy is a significant enhancement that places Bahrain amid the list of nations with the most liberal visa policies in the region. It also allows ease travel to expatriates who do businesses in the country and boost the tourism sector, and would assist in contributing to the enduring economic growth and improvement in Bahrain.

The new policy also includes enhancements to the individual screening process, ensuring quicker and more efficient processing of applications.

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Posted On : 01 April,2015