Surge in travelers count traveling from oman to ethiopia

Ethiopia witnesses rise in tourists
According to the senior official of Ethiopian Airlines in Muscat, Ethiopia has become most popular destination for Omanis as well as the expatriate community in Oman. 

Every year, numerous individuals are travelling to this country on visit visas. Omanis need a valid visit visa to travel Ethiopia, whereas Indians would get visa on their arrival to the African country.  

The country manager of Oman, Sami Muctar, Ethiopian Airlines, said to a leading news channel that the number of travelers to Ethiopia is augmenting by 10% every year.  

As more and more individuals are travelling to the country, Ethiopian Airlines located at Muscat are intending to boost the market in Oman. 

Sami Muctar said that an attractive package has been launched to travel Ethiopia and Ethiopian visas will be processed at the native office in Ruwi.

In the previous year, around 10,000 individuals travelled to Ethiopia from Oman and in 2015, it is likely to increase at least by 10%. 

He said that Ethiopia's landscapes are no less theatrical, as well as vary from the Bale Mountains National Park and Simien Mountains National Park that offer marvelous hiking opportunities as well as limitless interactions with dozens of birds and animals, to Danakil Depression located in Northern Ethiopia, a charming still unforgiving and aggressive environment with an extreme adventure. 

He added that apart from Ethiopia, they are observing travelers who are looking at Tanzania and Kenya which are well-known for their wildlife and safaris. 

Apparently, East African nation has been built-in as the most emerging destination this year.

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Posted On : 11 March,2015