Mobility score of india increased to 50 from 32 un s visa openness report says

Mobility Score of India
With more nations executing specific strategies to relax visa procedures for Indians, the mobility score (the extent to which travelers can move throughout the world without any hassles) has increased for India, citing Visa Openness Report 2014 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The report said that when the date was compared between 2014 and 2008 for BRICS (Brazil, Russian Federation, China, India and South Africa), it clearly indicates that the countries are making certain efforts to ease visa procedure for travelers hailing from these economies. 

Notably, India's mobility score has increased to 50 in 2014 from 32 in 2008, a bit higher than the China's mobility score (46), where outbound travel is increasing in great way. On the other hand, the US, Germany, Finland, Sweden has a mobility score of 159. 

Experts opined that nations are seeking to attract Indians to boost their tourism rate and hence have facilitated visa procedures and extended visa on arrival facility to Indians to encourage them travel to their countries.

According to sources, France has decided to issue visas within 48 hours to Indian nationals. And, Britain and Ireland have introduced a single visa scheme for Indian travelers. Recently, Canada permitted Indians who have traveled to Canada or the US within 10 years with clear records to obtain a visa without furnishing any proof of economic solvency. Moreover, the tourism ministry of Philippines wished for abolishing entry visa requirements for Indians. 

Additionally, the US has relaxed procedures to entice one million Indians by 2015. It offers a multiple entry B1/B2 visa valid for 10 years for individuals planning for personal as well as business trips of short period.

In addition to these, Indians holding US visas will be able to take advantage of visa waiver or apply for an e-visa to visit other countries, including Mexico and Turkey.

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Posted On : 07 March,2015