Zimbabwe to grant visa waiver to chinese tourists

Chinese Tourists
The government of Zimbabwe said that it was ready to grant visa waiver to Chinese citizens in a bid to give a fillip to the country's travel industry. According to Kembo Mohadi, Home Affairs Minister, the nation was enthusiastic about upgrading Chinese citizens to Category B under its visa classification. This would permit to get visas on coming into Zimbabwe.

The Chinese visitors are at present supposed to get visas in their home country itself, before embarking on their journey of touring Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Home Affairs Minister also said that they were very keen on opening their borders to the people of China so that there is a great tourist inflow which would aid the tourism sector.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has reportedly stated that they had been getting around 3,800 to 5,500 tourists from China every year. This is in contrast with the 80,000 to 100,000 arrivals in nearby SADC countries. The Chinese Ambassador, Lin Lin was of the view that in order to arrive at an agreement in a faster way, dialogue, consultation and negotiations with the Zimbabwean counterpart was essential. 

This would ensure that citizens of both the countries have easy accessibility to do business, to travel and invest. The government of China was taking initiation such that its nationals would get an opportunity to visit as many places abroad as possible. This agreement comes in the wake of both nations removing visa requirements for passport holders of service and diplomatic category. A MoU was signed regarding the same in August 2014.

President Lin glorified the developing bilateral ties between the two nations. This had influenced the trade, with a yearly growth rate of 10%. China is the second largest trade partner for Zimbabwe and has crossed the $ 1 billion mark. Also, it is the largest source for foreign direct investment. This has helped in soaring economy and more number of job opportunities.

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Posted On : 05 March,2015