Joint tourist visa to be launched by australia and nz post world cup

Tourist Visa
As per a recent report, the joint visa scheme which has allowed cricket lovers to freely travel between New Zealand and Australia has been a big success during the ICC World Cup tournament, 2015. Subsequently, officials related to tourism wish to see this plan extended to become permanent in nature. This will boost tourism inflow as well as travel within the trans-Tasman region.

The CEO of Australia Tourism and Transport Forum, Margy Osmand said that having a common visa for both these countries during cricket matches is a good start. The aim of the common visa is to allure an additional 120,000 Asians into their region and this is more than the combined markets of Japan, South Korea and Germany.

A flight journey between Sydney and New Zealand normally takes less than three hours but gets delayed by almost double the time due to hindrances in immigration checks and customs. The objective is thus, to lower it by a minimum of one hour such that one can travel effectively through the trans-Tasman region. The common visa would make it more like a domestic journey.

According to Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, from the point of view of New Zealand, out of the 400,000 best paid Australians who have an inclination to travel, it is a win-win situation for them as well. 

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Posted On : 03 March,2015