China belarus might do away with visitor visas

Visit visas-Belarus
Belarus wants to consider establishing travels without the need of visas for visitors from the country who intend to visit China and vice-versa. This plan was put forth by the government of Belarus during a meeting with Cui Qiming yesterday. The Chinese dignitary held talks with Prime Minister of Belarus, Andrei Kobyakov as well as with Vasily Matyushevsky, the First Vice Premier in Minsk. Both sides exchanged views about how to give a fillip to extend bilateral ties.

Belarus is of the view that both the countries should strive to raise the count of tourists between them. The Belorussian government is taking into consideration tours which are visa-free for those seeking to go to China from Belarus. They also opine that this step will aid in building up contacts between the two states. Also slated on the agenda is a direct flight between Beijing and Minsk.

Belarus is all set to strengthen cooperation in the various fields like that of technology and science as well as implementing projects on a joint basis in areas of power engineering, fundamental research, biotechnologies, engine making and many others. Belarus has shown its reliability as a partner to China. It holds China in high regard and holds it as a crucial partner for the vital role that it plays in sustaining security and stability in the world. Belarus is busy preparing to welcome Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China who is scheduled to come here in May, 2015.

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Posted On : 24 February,2015