Us improves tourism by enriching the experience of foreign travelers

US Improves Tourism
American communities across the nation starting from Washington, DC, to Washington State witness millions of visitors each year. These visits have backed almost 8 million American jobs at thousands of small-scale and large businesses which includes an estimation of 280,000 additional jobs during the past five years. The year 2014 saw a total of 222 billion dollars being spent by foreign tourists in the United States.

America's travel industry has great potential. To uphold it, the President started a National Travel and Tourism Strategy in 2012, with an intention of welcoming and alluring foreign tourists amounting to 100 million by the end of 2021. Three years down the line, this target is being met as the total number of visitors from abroad grows from 55 million in the year 2009 to an approximate 74 million in 2014.

In a bid to facilitate easier coming in of foreign tourists to the country, the United States has launched a new goal to give an enriching experience to increasing number of international arrivals in the nation. These action plans will be put into force in 17 of the largest airports of the country in order to make changes to the arrival process. It would also include provisions for reducing waiting times by up to 30%.

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Posted On : 21 February,2015