Uk to make easier its visit visa process

UK to make easier its Visit Visa Process
The present system of travel visa will be simplified as per promulgation made by the UK Home Office. The forthcoming changes will be made known in April 2015. This would aid both the business class and the performing artists to gain passage into the UK. As such, these changes have been planned in the wake of continuous discontent amongst the UK business leaders. They were finding faults with the existing visit visa process, saying that burdensome and an obstruction to the growth of economy. There were purportedly complaints coming in from the arts quarters in London about the dearth of talented performers arriving in the country.

The major change that will be incorporated in the existing visit visa system is the reduction of the number of UK travel visa categories from 15 to just four. These are the following four groups which will now be included:-

A tourist visa for individuals who will be engaging themselves in paid undertakings like performance arts, theatre appearances and concerts;

A standard visa which will be extended to visitors;

A traveler visa for the people who come to the UK for civil partnerships and marriage; and

Lastly, a visa category for those who are covering transits via UK

These changes are slated to make simple, the present system. This is because people can now make use of the same travel visa for performing a wider range of activities like vacationing and attending business conferences. The current system did not have such facility and required a person to hold two types of visas for allowing them to involve in both these activities. Till these new changes have been introduced, it is very essential for citizens of South Africa to remember that the current system still exists. So, it is almost impossible to conduct business on a visitor pass.

Posted On : 19 February,2015