Plans to push indonesian infrastructure to boost tourism industry

Indonesian Infrastructure to Boost Tourism Industry
In a bid to double the number of visitors coming to the archipelago, the government of Indonesia has made an announcement to improve its infrastructure concerning key visitor hotspots. This will be completed by 2019. For discussing these strategies, President Joko Widodo met ministers as part of a series of policy initiatives which aim to raise the travelers count to 20 million by the next four years.

According to Anies Baswedan, the minister for education and culture, the government has decided to make the tourism industry; a leading sector and all those ministers associated with this industry would be having a meeting with the President. In 2013, 8.8 million visitor visas were stamped in Indonesia, which was a 10% rise from the last year. However, in order to meet its 2019 target, the government has planned for some changes.

Included in these plans were changes such as inclusion of a visa-free policy extended to five nations, initiations to quintuple Indonesia's budget for enhancing tourism from Rp 250 billion to Rp 1.2 trillion. Basuki Hadimuljono, Public Works Minister was of the view that his ministry would give adequate backing to the plan of action of 2015-19 tourism plans by developing easy accessibility to attractions. This was done because some parts of Indonesia were losing out on tourist money owing to non-accessibility in reaching the hoteliers and tour operators.

Basuki also added that the roads leading to Lake Toba in Sumatra which is the location of the largest volcanic outburst of the world 25 million years ago as well as the largest volcanic lake in the world would be revamped. At present, the road route takes about five hours to cover a distance of 160 kilometers, starting from the nearby airport in Medan, North Sumatra. During the latter half of the previous year, Arief Yahya, the Minister for Tourism said to professionals in this industry on the occasion of Indonesia Tourism Investment Day 2014, that the industry required much greater investment. He said that this money which is spent on developing the industry would result in generation of better returns than in manufacturing.

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Posted On : 17 February,2015