Free visas to malaysia allure indians

Free visas to Malaysia allure Indians
Visa fees have been remitted for Indian travelers to Malaysia so that more number of them can visit the country and shop there. Till date, a tourist from India spends around RM 350 to RM 400 for visa fees and other charges. According to the Tourism minister, Nazri Aziz said that the visa waiver was a way of welcoming an extra two million visitors. This would bring a total target of 29.4 million overseas tourists arriving in Malaysia this year. 

In the previous year, a total of 1.4 million Indian travelers visited Malaysia. The boom in tourism earnings between January and September months last year resulted in nearly RM 1.8 billion as compared to 2013, when it was only RM 1.3 billion during the same time. For Malaysia, India was the fifth largest lead for providing visitors. Malaysia remains the favorite ASEAN destination of Indians.

Nazri added that on an average, Indian tourists' stay duration in Malaysia lasts for about six and a half days, during which, they end up spending approximately RM 2,900. This is attributed to the fact that just like the Chinese, Indians too are fond of shopping. This visa free prerogative is already being availed by travelers from South Korea, Japan and China. Mohamed Nazri said that the ministry is having a strong opinion for extending the scheme to Indians also.

In a bid to boost the development of Indian travel trade to Malaysia, four main airlines have decided on increasing their weekly flights to the country via direct routes. At present, there are 156 flights on a weekly basis, flying between Malaysia and important Indian cities, with about 30,000 seats. The minister said that total inflow of foreign tourists was 27.4 million. The ministry was coming up with organizing promotion campaigns in India as well as other countries of the Indian sub-continent in order to promote Malaysia.

Nazri said that they had estimated to bring in at least two million additional tourists to measure up to their targets so that revenue of up to RM 80 billion can be generated. Also, they did not want to fall behind the other ASEAN countries which have their visa fee waiver program in place. For Indians who wish to prolong their stay in Malaysia, could choose Malaysia's Second Home Programme. This would enable them to reside in the country for up to 10 years without the need for holding a visa.

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Posted On : 14 February,2015