Indian nationals to be offered british irish visa scheme

British-Irish visa scheme
The British-Irish Visa Scheme which started on Tuesday allows Indians to get a single travel permit to visit both the UK and Ireland. This is in agreement after mutual understanding by both these countries in connection with short stay visas. This contract is applicable already to Chinese travelers, marks an extraordinary level of co-operation between Britain and Ireland. 

In the previous year, the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald said that the globally widespread rollout of the scheme was in conjunction with the British Home Office which was one of the top priorities before the Government term ending next year. Mechanical and coherent data on immigration will be exchanged between London and Dublin. The Irish counterpart in this tie-up will gather all the biometric data and send it to the United Kingdom authorities.

The above scheme is only applicable to short stay visas and does not include work or student visas. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, travelers should first apply for the visa of the country that they are going to go to first. For instance, if you hold a visa to Britain but also wish to see Ireland, you must first go to the UK and vice-versa.

As per the department, the above plan is still under way and applicable only to Chinese and Indians who apply for short term visas to both these countries. Eventually, other countries of the world will also be brought under its fold.

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Posted On : 13 February,2015