2014 witnesses a surge of 56 4 million travelers to new york

Rise of tourists count in New York in 2014
An all-time high of 56.4 million visitors to New York was seen last year. This peak rise was due to the low crime rate, excellent quality of life, dynamism and cultural diversity in the city. It generated an economy of 61.3 billion dollars for New York, America's largest city. In 2013, 54.3 million tourists came here. There has been a steady rise in this trend since 2009.

Among the tourists, 42 million were from different places in the United States itself. Foreign tourists who arrived in New York were from Britain, Canada, Brazil, France, China, Australia and Germany, in the arrangement stated.  Mayor Bill de Blasio said that every year, record number of tourists arrived here and 2014 was no exception to that rule. According to the City Hall, New York tourism industry engages 359,000 individuals and comes up with a 21 billion dollar wage in totality.

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Posted On : 05 February,2015