Mandatory health insurance for travelers to saudi arabia

Mandatory health insurance for travelers to Saudi Arabia
The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance promulgate that all tourists on a visitor visa to Saudi Arabia are required to have health insurance. Only the tourists on medical grounds to the country are exempted from this category. Accordingly, anyone along with their dependents, now applying for visas to come into the kingdom for a visit, transit or an extension must necessarily possess valid insurance certificates for medical cover.

Apart from medical tourists, the other categories which are not required to hold this insurance cover are state guests, religious pilgrims and holders of special and diplomatic passports. There is a dearth of medical tourists in the kingdom. As per new rules, those who seek medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, must state their reason for coming here as medical grounds and not as mere travelers. Officials have the authority to question such entrants into the kingdom and people posing any threat to the health of the Saudis will be refused entry.

This insurance cover should be able to meet expenditure related to treatment of ailments, first aid, air ambulance services and emergency situations. These new rules are slated to enfold both relatives of expatriate workers and business travelers, amounting to an estimated total of one million visitors.

Posted On : 31 January,2015