Eu to simplify visa requirements for moroccans

EU to Simplify Visa Requirements for Moroccans
Since 7 June, 2013, Morocco and the EU entered into a Partnership of Mobility in order to advance collaboration between them to handle migration in a complete, balanced, efficient and operational manner. This partnership encompasses all issues related to migration. Some of these are aiding mobility of Moroccan nationals, co-operation between employment services, management of irregular migration on compassionate grounds, improving the recognition of professional qualifications, supporting members of the Moroccans displaced in Europe and who wish to make investments in Morocco and co-operation in the areas of human trafficking. 

The two agreements are related to regulating future re-admissions and facilitating movement. These come in the wake of numerous partnership and co-operation projects signed by Morocco and the EU almost 18 months back. The purpose of these agreements is to achieve reciprocal benefits for both partners.

Posted On : 21 January,2015