Decision on visa relaxation to take place on wednesday

Decision on Visa Relaxation on Wednesday
The Government is on the threshold to make a final decision on the visa waiver proposal for Chinese tourists this Wednesday. Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, the Tourism and Culture Minister was of the view that so far, the discussions regarding the visa relaxation had received a positive response from the Cabinet. In this meeting held on Friday, the memorandum for the same was discussed and the change for a visa waiver for the citizens of the Republic of China was highly welcomed. This act will see an inflow of Chinese visitors to Malaysia.

Nazri further added that the ministry was making plans to visit the flood-hit east coast area which had a lot of tourist spots in order to measure the level of damage and extend financial aid to reinforce the affected sites. This damage audit will be done once the flood subsides. There were some sites like the facilities at Gunung Tahan park which suffered much loss owing to the floods. These places might take a couple of month's time before their renewal could be fully accomplished. For this, Nazri said that they would function in tandem with the state governments to provide monetary help to repair the damages.

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Posted On : 19 January,2015