Expatriate families will soon avail online visit visas

Online visit visa facility for expat families
Online visas for families of expatriates will soon be made available by the Interior Ministry. This would mean there would no longer be any need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Passport Department. According to sources, this attempt will help in saving time and also keep the visa offices from overcrowding with these people who wish to bring their families on visits. This move would also do away with the need for expatriates to attach many documents along with their visa applications.

This new measure comes in the wake of the ministry's favorable pilot program to examine the system. The digitalized visit visas would be a welcome break for the expatriates as it would save effort and time and also build-up the department's efficiency. The applicants would be required to enter their correct data and in the same manner as it appears both in their residence permits and civil registry. Information with regards to the family members must also be the same as found in their passports.

During their family's stay, the expat must provide medical insurance and housing facilities and must make sure that the family members go back before the visa period lapses. The visitors should also obey the laws and order of the Kingdom for the duration of their stay. Applicants must state that the reason for their visit is to spend time with family and not to undertake Umrah or Haj pilgrimage. A penalty would be levied on persons failing to follow this.

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Posted On : 16 January,2015