Kazakhstan to offer visa relaxation for thais

Kazakhstan to Offer Visa Relaxation for Thais
The country of Kazakhstan is taking steps to offer a visa relaxation to Thailand nationals in a bid to attract more Thai travelers to the Central Asian Republic region. This step has kickstarted as Air Astana, the Kazakh flag carrier started its second air service to Bangkok from capital Astana on 115 December.

The Kazakh ambassador to Thailand, Marat Yessenbayev said that repealing the visa conditions for Thai citizens could take place in the coming 18 months. In a statement to a leading daily, he said that they were having tie-ups with Thailand's Foreign Ministry for working on visa relaxation. This attempt will give a fillip to the tourist inflow to Kazakhstan from Thailand which is in small numbers till now.

About 1,000 citizens from Thailand visit Kazakhstan every year which is in contrast to the 7,000-odd tourists who move to Thai on an annual basis. The complex visa procedure of Kazakhstan is said to be the main reason behind less tourist count from Thailand. A tourist has to first obtain a letter of invitation from the Kazakh's Foreign Ministry which costs about 100 US Dollars (3,200 baht) and requires a few weeks for processing. There are additional charges of $80 for a business visa and $40 for a tourist visa which will take further time. For those who are stopping at Kazakhstan to board another flight to a different nation, a transit visa of $20 taking a week's time to process is applicable. 

Astana's attempt at abrogating short-term visit visas depicts the capital's intention of proving the tourism sector and preparing for Expo 2017 which has a theme called "Future Energy". According to the World Bank, Kazakhstan has drawn approximately 4.8 million foreign travelers who were inward bound in 2012. Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan, along with seven other countries are exempted from having visas to visit Kazakhstan.

Posted On : 08 January,2015