Tourist visas to boost saudi economy by 9 billion

Tourist Visas to Boost Saudi Economy by $9 Billion
The decision to start issuing tourist visas to Saudi Arabia in six months will be a major reason for the increase in economy of the kingdom by more than SR 35 billion in the next five years because of influx of over seven million tourists to Saudi.

The Chairman of the Jeddah Commerce and Industry's (JCCI) tourism committee, Prince Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Muhammad reportedly told a leading newspaper that the kingdom of Saudi had great potential for tourism and would be one of the major attractions in the region owing to this decision.

He further went on to state that the decision to issue visas by the SCTA or Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities came along with a number of regulations to raise the standards of the accommodation sector which included fines of up to SR 50,000 (13,000 dollars) for the tourism facilities which were working without certificates of classification.

Prince Abdullah also added that the punishment would bring under its fold any facility that may thwart the entry of SCTAs inspectors and supervisors. The SCTA was looking forward to about 1.5 million tourists to the country in a year. He estimated that if the average expenses of a visitor were around SR 5,000 (1,331 dollars) in a visit, then the tourism industry would benefit by more than SR 35 billion in five years.

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Posted On : 27 December,2014