New zealand to relax visa regulations for indian travelers

New Zealand to Relax Visa Regulations For Indian Travelers
Foreign governments to lure more Indian tourists to travel more, they have relaxed the visa regulations.

After Ireland and the UK, it is the chance of New Zealand who has decided to ease the rules of the visa. It has also made an announcement last week that they will grant visa to the business travelers who are attending events and conferences in the country in three days instead of the current 10-12 days of processing time.

Countries such as the US have already relaxed the visa norms to attract more Indian visitors by 2015. The visa interviews can take just five minutes although there is no time limit put down by the USA government.

Ireland and Britain have introduced a single visa program for Indian travelers.

The president of the outbound tour operations of India Guldeep Sahni said that most of the countries know the budding of Indian visitors, which is why they are relaxing the visa regulations. Many countries offer VoA facility and some of the countries offer electronic visa on fast track. The government of Australia is training many agents under preferred agency program, under which the visas are granted within two days without depositing the passport.

Indians travelers are not only going in more numbers but they are also spending in huge amounts on international trips. They are making the most of the opportunities to travel on extended weekends or make short trips.

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Posted On : 24 December,2014