South korea to relax the visa rules

South Korea to Relax the Visa Rules
In a bid to attract foreign workers to tackle its waning labor force, the labor minister on Monday said that South Korea will look up at its visa issuance structure.

The government said that it will ease the present points based system to permit number of foreign talented workers to immigrate to the country.

Under the current system, the foreign talent who has high scoring are issued with the F2 visa. This visa eliminates all boundaries on work, if the foreigners stay for a year. The F5 visa is for the foreign workers who stay in the country for more than three years after obtaining F2 status.

The government said that the foreign workers who stay in the country for at least a year will be granted with the F5 visa permanent stay.

The minister also said that the students who are planning for their further studies or doctorate program in the country and foreign workers who meet certain necessities for the amount of investment, investors and income. South Korea will allow them to stay in the country along with their family members.

In order to lure more international students to work in the companies of South Korea after the completion of their studies the government is looking forward to improve the links between the schools and companies, and ease the requirements for the employment.

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Posted On : 23 December,2014