Indians visiting certain nations can enjoy hassle free travel

Indians Visiting Certain Nations Can Enjoy Hassle-free Travel
In a bid to lure more Indian tourists, the French Embassy in India has started issuing free 14-day Visa on Arrival at the airport. Recently in November, the French Island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean has waived visas for Indians.
Notably, around 50 countries will grant a pre-issued visa for people who hold an Indian passport and have adequate funds to meet their travel needs.

Indians who are travelling to Thailand can benefit from hassle free visa processing and must hold adequate funds and travel plans are confirmed. Hong Kong known for its night life and shopping malls offers 14 day visa on arrival facility and you need to provide return tickets.

Indonesia, which is known for its culture and heritage offers 30 day visa on arrival for Indians provided satisfying certain conditions. Indians holding a passport with validity of minimum six months can gain visa free access to Macau for 30 days.

In Africa, Ethiopia and Madagascar offer 90 day and 30 day to Indians on arrival. African nations such as Kenya and Tanzania offer visa- free entry to Indian travelers. The Caribbean Islands of Grenada offer a 90 day visa free entry for Indians.

Cook Islands, an island country with nearly 15 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, located near New Zealand permits Indians to stay for a maximum period of 200 days without visa.  

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Posted On : 20 December,2014