Beijing plans to attract foreign tourists by extending visa policy

Beijing Plans to Attract Foreign Tourists by Extending Visa Policy
The officials of Beijing tourism are considering in improving the terms for transit passengers in order to attract overseas visitors.

To stimulate the inbound tourism of the capital city, the officials are suggesting the extension of the present visa free entry from 72-hour to 96 hours, and allow the foreign tourists to enter the city through visa free entry.

Other ideas which include offering additional direct flights to overseas destinations and the change in the overseas tourists' tax system.

The head of the Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Beijing Song Yu said that the department would pertain for a duty free strategy and the consent to refund tax to the departing visitors.

He also said that they will also promote tourism attractions and the latest policies to the markets in overseas through the visa application consulates, tourist offices and embassies.

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Posted On : 19 December,2014