Get a schengen visa within 48 hours
France has started granting Schengen visas for the Indian tourists in 48 hours of application, this has made visiting Paris for a holiday more striking.

The ambassador Francois Richier to India of France said that from the time you apply for visa and get back your passport with the visa will not be more than 48 hours. This facility was slated to start in 2015, but the venture was accelerated and the processing time for a Schengen visa has been condensed.

According to the estimations 4, 88,000 Schengen visas granted yearly to Indians. For over 3, 00,000 Indians France is a holiday destination and accounts of 80,000 every year.

Apart from this France is eager on investing in Modi's dream project which is the building of high-speed train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

He added on saying that this project is focused on the study of feasibility which is one by France and the other by India. He also mentioned that their cooperation towards Indian starts with trains. Yet it is too early to talk about the outcome of the project.

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Posted On : 18 December,2014