Us economy can be boost up with better tourist visa laws

US economy can be boost up with better tourist visa laws
A report was released by the partnership for new American economy on Monday which says enhanced tourist visa laws would help in boosting the country's income by at least 7.6 billion dollars and produce 50,000 jobs within the next five years.

When a distinctive country joins the waiver program of the US and if the US sees more number of tourists from that particular country in the instant following years. The number tourists arriving rose by 16 percent in more than the period of its first five years said the partnership of coalition of business groups and mayors advocating for immigration reform.

The data was looked from the USA commerce department's office of tourism and travel industries.
Researchers firmed that if six other countries such as Hong Kong, Israel, Brazil, Turkey, Poland and South Africa join the federal scheme, then more than 600,000 foreigners from these countries would visit the US the coming year, primarily to the enhance in jobs and revenue.

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Posted On : 18 December,2014