Vietnam pm moves forward with visa exemptions for more nationals

Vietnam PM Moves Forward with Visa Exemptions for More Nationals
In order to give a fillip to tourism, Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung has given instructions to visa issuing agencies to waive tourist visas for many nations while continuing to simplify visa formalities that have been blamed to be inefficient. PM Dung urged the ministries of tourism, public security and foreign affairs to join hands with these agencies and work towards proposing a list of visa waiver countries.

Although not specifically dwelling upon particular countries, there was a proposal by the central government to exempt Germany, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Spain, India and Italy from the visitor visa.

According to Kenneth Atkinson, chairman of the Business Forum's Tourism Working Group in Vietnam, there was all likelihood to broaden the list and include North America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Currently members of ASEAN and countries with single-entry visit of up to 15 days which includes Japan, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, North Korea and Norway are exempted from visitor visa.

March 10 onwards, foreigners have been given authority to visit Phu Quoc Island situated in the Mekong Delta for 30 days without the need for a visa. The same month witnessed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs starting an online website for visa application which is available in four languages of English, Vietnamese, German and French and will reduce the processing time to two working days.

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Posted On : 16 December,2014