Belarus and ecuador enter into a visa abolition agreement

Belarus and Ecuador enter into a visa abolition agreement
On 11 December, the government officials of Belarus and Ecuador affirmed the mutual abolition of visas. The agreement was signed in Quito in June 2014. According to this agreement, the citizens of both these countries who hold valid travel documents will be exempt from the visas for entering, exiting or transiting across the region of the other state, provided the duration of stay does not exceed 30 days at a stretch. However, the stay duration can be up to 90 days in a year, said Yelena Kupchina, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus.

Also, nationals of one state who are permanent residents of the other state will be allowed to go and come back to the country of permanent residence just by furnishing their permits. Each country has the right to refuse entry or even decrease the stay duration of the residents of the other nation without any explanations. This agreement can be temporarily or permanently to safeguard national security, public health and order, to curb the spread of epidemics or in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies.

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Posted On : 12 December,2014