French embassy records 50 percent surge in visa applications

French Embassy Records 50 Percent Surge in Visa Applications
The embassy of France in Doha has documented a 50% rise in the count of people applying for visas during a year's time, after its visa application to Capago MENA company got externalized, said ambassador Eric Chevallier.

This company has dispatched 27,000 (average count of 400 applicants per day) this year in comparison to 18,000 in 2013. The envoy explained on the occasion of the company's first anniversary that there was a rate of 1% rejections since its inauguration last year on 11 December.

Out of the total applications, 80 percent belonged to tourist visa category and 2 percent were long stay immigration visas for students mainly. The first nine months of 2013 witnessed 16,000 applicants which was greater than the 15,000 applicants of the previous year.

Chevallier said that under the new mechanism, Qatari citizens and nationals of countries which fall under the agreement between Schengen countries can now get their visas approved in less than 48 hours. However, certain countries require a two week processing as they need to be present at a prior consultation based on a decision from the Schengen nations.

Citizens of GCC countries as well as Qataris would no longer need to submit details of flight and hotel reservations. The peak season for getting maximum number of applicants at the visa application centre is during summer. The externalizing of visa application will in no way affect any of the Schengen rules and regulations, especially that related to fees.

The entire processing of visa application will fall under Capagno MENA but it gets delivered under the authority of the consul at the embassy of France. For this, applicants are supposed to visit a website to get a link that will provide them with all the required information and the kind of visa they are applying for.

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Posted On : 11 December,2014