Latest report depict record number of travelers to australia

Latest report depict record number of travelers to Australia
Australia is a popular destination with overseas travelers with the number of international arrivals increased by 8% to a record 6.3 million in the year ending in the month of September. During a year's time, these visitors reportedly stayed 221 million nights and spent over 30.7 billion dollars, which amounted to 139 dollars each night.

The expenses under leisure were increased by 9% to 2.8 million, with spending up to 12.3 billion dollars (11%). Those visiting relatives and friends increased by 14% to 1.7 million and the total expenses under this head amounted to 5.1 billion dollars (18%).

The country with the most spending was China at 5.4 billion dollars, an increase of 16%. The next countries in tow were the United States and the neighboring country of New Zealand. According to Tim Quinn, the assistant general manager of Tourism Research Australia, the incoming tourism to Australia is a boost to the Australian economy and business.

The survey also ratified that there was an increase in the use of internet-operating devices such as Tablet and smart phone while on a travel. Automatically, the use of public facilities for internet usage dropped down.

New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia recorded an all-time high of international travelers. The count of visitors who travel with a family group rose by 20% while those with friends and relatives increased by 12%. Owing to this growth, the number of trip activities like visit to gardens, museums and art galleries as well as outdoor sports like windsurfing, snorkeling and sailing also saw a hike in numbers.

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Posted On : 08 December,2014