Ireland to promote the british irish visa scheme

Ireland to Promote The British-Irish Visa Scheme
The Ireland tourism said that the new British-Irish program and the sequence of latest attractions will lend a hand to lure a predictable of 7.74 million tourists by 2015 to trip Ireland.

The raise in the tourists will help the Ireland economy which is worth 4 million Euros.

The details regarding the launch for today of its strategy is to endorse Ireland overseas, the Ireland tourism said by it goal to welcome 10 million people to visit the island by 2025. Mainland Europe, North America along with Britain is the important markets for Ireland tourism.

The budding markets will as well be under focus, which also includes India and China, where the Ireland tourism will emphasize about the British-Irish travel permit program.

A spokesman said that the image or brand abroad of Ireland is strong and the exchanges tariff for authentic, its dollar rate is also positive. The lesser price of oil will help make the sea routes and air sustainable.

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Posted On : 04 December,2014